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"Actual Cash Value"

If your car or truck has been totaled, or is supposedly not worth enough to justify repair costs, a Stated Value Appraisal can be used to more accurately establish its Actual Cash Value, which may be closer to the real worth of your vehicle before the damages occurred (date of loss).

We also perform Stated Value Appraisals for the Actual Cash Value of Collector, Specialty, Vintage, Muscle, Custom, Show, One-of-a-Kind, Antique, and Classic cars or trucks.

Appraisals Out of State: AAP is also experienced in Long Distance Appraisals where the Buyer/
Owner takes and emails photos per our direction, and we REASONABLY determine the value of the car or truck.

* Out of State buyers interested in Houston area purchases may hire us to physically go to the vehicle for a thorough pre-purchase inspection, which may include a written STATED VALUE APPRAISAL for your bank or insurance company.